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Christina Catherine | Women In touch
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Helping business owners with Reputation Management, Customer Service Training and Retention Marketing. Create happy customers that sing your praises, NOT curse your name!
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Creative Customer Solutions

Calling All Business Owners & Managers!

After 30+ years working in 8 different industries, as well as running my own businesses, there’s one thing I know for sure...

No business owner ever goes through all the risk, expense, blood, sweat, and tears to open and run a business because they want to make people unhappy.

I believe business owners are some of the most kind-hearted, giving people you’d ever meet whose primary motivation is to do good work, serve their customers well and make an honest living.

But reading through a website of consumer reviews might have you thinking otherwise.

In today’s digital world unhappy customers can easily go online and share their less-than-stellar experience with hundreds, maybe even thousands, of your potential future clients.

As a business owner, it can feel like a punch to the gut when someone leaves your business a bad review. Whether it’s a genuinely honest review of their negative experience, or someone who simply wants to drag your name through the mud. It is never a pleasant situation to have to deal with.

However, there is a way to turn bad reviews around so they have the least negative impact on your business. I have developed a formula for Identifying the Different Personalities of negative reviews, along with a 3 Step Blueprint for how best to respond to each of them. (To be released soon!)

And because “the best defense is a good offense”, you will also learn practical Customer Service Training on how to delight and diffuse unhappy customers so they never get to the point of leaving a negative review in the first place.

Couple that with everyday Retention Marketing methods you can implement in your business so your customers feel truly valued and appreciated.

These strategies together will create life-long happy customers for your business who will ‘sing your praises, not curse your name’.

The goal is give you the tools you need to help you gain control over the outcome of your customers’ experience and be well-prepared to handle any service issues that may arise in your business.

In fact, you’ll discover how you can turn a negative situation into something that actually has a positive impact on your business and will end up attracting loyal repeat clients like bees to honey.

Learn more about how Business Owners & Managers can feel more confident and in control when you receive a negative review or have to deal with an unhappy customer.

~Christina C.