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No More Blaq Square!!

It’s TRUE!! Our SCV Group is Moving!!

Everyone has opinions about our meeting place & the food for the last five years, to me Marie Callender’s was nearly perfect.  They had a nice sized space for those months we were pushing 100, a wireless mic, an American flag, a room full of tables for women, a screen for when we need a projector, and most of all amazing servers who were helpful and on top of it when the kitchen was behind.  It wasn’t a buffet situation, every meal was cooked for each guest, which occasionally slowed things down.  The lighting was terrible for photographs, but we do have tons of murky pictures to remember the room that we grew up in.

Rumors were running rampant about that cute Marie’s building getting demolished, so we had been looking.  We really did want to support a LOCAL business rather than a chain, but alas, nothing worked within our requirements… That is until we met Khristoper from The Blaq Square while attending a Lunch Mob Event!

The Blaq Square is mostly organic, plant-based food, but if you’re a junk food junky don’t let that scare you off! I’m a carnivore, I eat gluten and I loved their food, in fact, I’ve already been back a few times. Ohhhh they have the most delicious smoothies full of nutrients you would never know are hiding in there.  Overall, I would say the whole food quality of our group is going up about 10 notches!

Ladies are invited to join our inaugural event at The Blaq Square at 8:30 am on Thursday, January 5th. 23460 Cinema Dr # A, Valencia, CA 91355.  Admission is $20 at the door ($15 for members and prepay) which includes your breakfast. Feel free to bring literature and/or a raffle item to promote your business.

UPDATE: Blaq Square is closed… our 1st Thursday Meetings are now at Ihop Stevenson Ranch and the 3rd Thursday Members Meetings are at Bonefish Grill, Valencia.


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