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Quitting Sugar – You can do it too!



Why would I want to give up one of life’s tastiest sweet pleasures?  Sugar! I was sick and tired of being sick and tired, waking every morning feeling like I was getting the flu; my body was stiff and achy, my head hurt, my brain was fuzzy and foggy and I had low energy.  I knew that I had to take this drastic step to get my cravings, body and mind under control.

When I told my friends and family what I was doing they all thought I was insane and said they could never do it unless they were forced, by gun.  I’m sure you’re thinking that exact thing right now.  Believe me, I didn’t want to give it up but really felt that I had to. I had read a lot of success stories about people who had amazing results but I was secretly thinking they couldn’t possibly be true and I was absolutely certain I wouldn’t see any positive benefits.  At least any that really made a difference.  But I was willing to give it a shot.

No Sugar

I didn’t do it right away, it took me nearly six months to work up my courage.  I was scared; scared of how I would feel, scared that I didn’t have the will power and that I would starve.  Please understand, I love sugar; sweet treats, candy, cookies, cakes, brownies, ice cream, you name it I love it and can eat large quantities.  I’m talking a 2 lb. bag of mixed red and black licorice, sitting down to eat the whole thing, alone….by myself…..no one else.  The thought of giving up sugar was very scary.  I intentionally do not keep the cupboards stocked with sweet treats because I know myself, I’m a glutton when it comes to them.  If I kept them in the house I think I would be as big as a house.  If I do buy any sugary treats I buy them with the knowledge that I will eat them all and so I limit myself to only what I can eat without feeling sick, hopefully.

I just completed an eight week sugar detox, which meant no sugar of any kind including from fruits and some vegetables.  I’m not going to sugar coat it (pun intended), it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.  At times it was downright painful; physically and emotionally.  The list of foods that you cannot eat reads like a list of everything you eat.  As I read over the list of allowed foods I realized they were foods I wasn’t used to consuming regularly or, in some cases, at all.  I have found many new foods I really enjoy.

No Sugar Challenge

Since completing the detox I have much more energy, my brain is clearer and hitting on all cylinders, my skin is better both in texture and clarity, my joint pain is gone, my neck stiffness has disappeared and as a bonus the fibrous cysts in my breasts are completely gone.  I no longer wake feeling slightly hung over or sick, I wake with energy and ready to start my day.  I feel so much better all around.

I’m convinced that significantly reducing or eliminating sugar completely will benefit anyone and they will experience impressive improvements in their health.  Taking this step for your health is absolutely worth it.

Kim is a nutritional health coach and is looking forward to supporting others in their goals of quitting sugar.  You can visit her website at www.nourishyourhealthylife.com to learn more about how to receive a complimentary health consultation.

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