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Bring Women in Touch Wear-Ever You Go!


It’s official: We now have Women in Touch wear! You can proudly don your cap, t-shirt or even a bag to show your love for our group! These one-of-a-kind caps

Jennifer Ramos Women in Touch Interview


Defy Your Age, Let Your Grey Hair Fly Free!


    Defy Your Age, Let Your Grey Hair Fly Free! Guest Blogger: Kim Jones, Certified Nutritional Health Coach at Nourish Your Healthy Life I have grey hair, actually white,

No More Blaq Square!!


It’s TRUE!! Our SCV Group is Moving!! Everyone has opinions about our meeting place & the food for the last five years, to me Marie Callender’s was nearly perfect.  They

Quitting Sugar – You can do it too!


  Why would I want to give up one of life’s tastiest sweet pleasures?  Sugar! I was sick and tired of being sick and tired, waking every morning feeling like

Women In Touch’s New Website is Live


Hello Women In Touch SCV! Our NEW Website is up The new Women In Touch SCV website is live. We’ll be working out the kinks throughout the week and weekend. In