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Defy Your Age, Let Your Grey Hair Fly Free!



Nourish Your Healthy Life

Defy Your Age, Let Your Grey Hair Fly Free!

Guest Blogger: Kim Jones, Certified Nutritional Health Coach at Nourish Your Healthy Life

I have grey hair, actually white, really sparkly white. After 20 years of coloring it a youthful dark brown I took the plunge to stop. I could no longer justify putting toxic chemicals onto my scalp and allowing them to soak directly into my brain. This probably explains a few things about my memory. Either way, the chemicals were all going into my bloodstream without the benefit of filtering through my liver.

The search began for products with the least amount of chemicals, but even the best ones still contained at least one harmful chemical. I had been oblivious for years the dye could be causing me harm. My wonderful husband discovered this fact about ten years ago, pointing out that the chemicals are even more harmful in dark dyes. Even though I was now informed it still took me nine more years before I made the decision to quit. My search for ‘healthy’ hair dye began because I was NOT going to stop coloring my hair. That would make me look old, right?

My searching led me to the conclusion there was nothing safe, even henna has heavy metals. Since I had been cleaning up my life, home and food for the last few years, it was important to me to clean up this area of my life as well. I started considering stopping, seriously considering, because I wanted to be authentic to the healthy lifestyle I had been living. What held me back was fear and I definitely did not want to look old.

Eventually, I decided my health was more important than my ego so I informed everyone what to expect and how my hair would be looking different. I knew it would be hard and strangers would probably look at me and wonder what on earth was going on with my hair. I mean, those were the thoughts that went through MY head when I saw a woman with huge roots. I’m ashamed of myself now for thinking these thoughts because I should have been applauding her.

I was fortunate my hair was long enough I could wear it in a ponytail for about seven months, this somewhat disguised my roots. Anyway, that’s what I kept telling myself but most people were more than likely thinking it looked weird. Except for young people, 25 and younger, they thought it looked cool. I would love to take credit for the hombre hair fashion but mine was natural. I received many compliments from these youngsters and always said to them “thank you but I’m just growing out my grey hair”. I’m not sure why I felt the need to qualify my thanks.

It’s been 5 years since I stopped coloring my hair, I receive compliments from so many women and have even been told by friends, family, and complete strangers I’ve inspired them to stop coloring their hair, too. I am being true to myself by going with my natural color and living the healthy lifestyle I feel is absolutely essential for optimum health into my retirement years.

My fears were unrealized, no one called me a weirdo or said I was crazy. In fact, I’ve been told I’m really brave for doing this and how they wished they had the courage to do it too. I received so much support from family, friends and even strangers, it made it easier to look ‘weird’ for a while. The time I save by not having to dye my hair is priceless, I can schedule things on Sunday nights and not have to worry about planning my life around coloring my hair.

I don’t look old, in fact, I look striking. The white picks up the sunlight and really sparkles, like me.

Kim Jones is a nutritional health coach. Contact her to learn how she can help you with your health goals and living authentically to your true self at nourishyourhealthylife.com or nourishyourhealthylife@gmail.com.




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